Location - The Abbey Room, Guildhall, Abingdon. 

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Have you ever tried Yin Yoga before?

We have a beautiful new location for our Yin yoga class - The Abbey Room in the Guildhall, Abingdon.

Every Wednesday 7.30pm.

Yin yoga is a contemplative practice, with it’s magic being in the stillness of the poses. Each pose is held for 3-5 minutes, giving both the mind and the body a chance to really settle down and open up. The poses are designed to use very minimal muscle activation so both your body and mind can relax.

The class will begin with breath work to focus and calm your mind before moving into the various Yin positions.

For 75 minutes you can give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing and know that your doing so much good to yourself.

Wednesday evenings 7:30pm 

Accompanied by relaxing music, essential oils, Palo Santo wood and candles - what more could you want?

Please bring your mat and any props, blocks, blankets and straps you may have :) 


Every Saturday 10AM

A morning flow with your breath that will wake up your body & mind, leaving you energised and balanced for the rest of your day. This class is suited to all abilities.

Please bring your mat :) 

Class drop in fee is only £10 with class packages giving you yoga at as little as £9 per class!


The Abbey Room 
The Guildhall
Abbey Close
OX14 3JD


Are you looking to start a yoga practice and would like to do so from your home?


Having one-to-one teaching in a session that is tailored to you, with a teachers undivided attention, will allow you to progress significantly in your practice and improve your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. There are many aspects to yoga that cannot be taught in a group setting.


Yoga is fast becoming popular and mainstream often portraying an unrealistic picture of yoga and it's philosophies. We offer traditional and professional private classes which are tailored to your abilities and goals. Our intention is to give you the knowledge, techniques and experience so you can implement what you have learnt into your daily life and routine - this is really important. Your future is in your hands.


Please in contact us to arrange a meeting or fill our from by clicking below .


Meditation Workshop
Time is TBD
30 E St Helen St



—  Jodi, 27

"Lewis beautifully creates balance within your system, uniting all aspects of life expression; from breath work to focus, movement to intuitive stillness. His teachings through yoga allow the feelings of your body guide you through the class. I leave every time feeling totally connected!"

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