Embrace the lows, live the highs

It's a fine balance, the life we live. We're always trying to search for balance in our lives which is for sure a positive thing to do, we look for balance in our mind, balance in our body, we're told to eat a 'balanced diet' with a rainbow of colors on our plate. We also try balance our social lives with time alone and be sure to have an even amount of intense external training and relaxed, recovery internal yin like training - "its all about finding the balance". Balance, balance and more balance. The word has become pretty cliche nowadays, I wonder how many times someone's slipped in the word 'balance' into a conversation when discussing how to live you're life. I'm certainly guilty for it but it is sound advise, as long and you take in on in a healthy way.

No one walks though life like their gliding along a tight rope, never slipping up and over to the right or left side - pretty unrealistic view of the human experience if you ask me.

Aiming for balance is a great and knowing that you're going to slip up and over quite a few times along the way is even better.

Truth is you're not supposed to be happy all the time. Would the concept of being happy even exist if sadness didn't? Happiness is a comparison to sadness and its all relative to each other. The One mans trash is another mans treasure. One day you're up, one day your down.

The film "Inside Out' goes through this well, a kids film with a great message of how you cant run away from your emotions, they're are each there with their own character.

Check out the trailer below.

One day its hot outside and one day its could - the positives and negatives of the world we're living in, the frequencies of life.

Everything is frequency. The material world we observe is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. These frequencies are always changing, adjusting, amplitudes varying but one thing is contestant - the switching of poles from positive to negative.

This switching from positive to negative is just the same in the life we live and everyone is going through the same process. Their moods switching just as much as yours and mine. So don't feel like your the only one when your in a low mood, remember people generally give you the best version of themselves and you and I probably do the same. And lets not get started on the effects of social media has on you. A electronic world of fake smiles, filtered and edited images and captions that are full of shit and so far from the truth. Don't be fooled, its not the real world. Ask yourself if you're slightly guilty of this, I think we all are - some more than others for sure. Personally, I think if you have a large following on social media (and even if you don't) you should take on the responsibility to not portray a false image of constant happiness. Be authentic, people appreciate it it a lot more.

We all know that there are lots of things you can do to increase your mood and happiness. Move your body, do some yoga, breath conscious breaths, eat healthy food, read, write, meditate, spend time with friends, enjoy the naughty things moderately and keep moderation moderate. Truth is there's an endless list of things that will elevate your mood positively, just as there's as many things that will do the opposite.

So don't be upset or shocked and allow yourself to get into a worse mood than you already are because you feel you don't deserve to feel the way you're currently feeling. You're not supposed to be happy all the time. Instead of getting yourself down for feeling low instead try to observe how you're feeling, perhaps ask yourself why you're feeling this way and see what positives you can take from this moment. These are perfect times to utilize the tools and techniques that are available to you to bring yourself back into the moment and the observer rather than the victim of your emotions. Simply taking 6 conscious cycles of breath has been proven to change your state of mind and bring you back to center.

Sounds easy doesn't it? Yeah, well, it's not. Its challenging and takes some discipline. but it does help. It really dose. Being completely in the moment is like walking long the tight rope and the more you practice bringing yourself into the moment and not allowing yourself to get sucked into the ups and downs, past and future the longer you'll be able to walk across that tight rope. So be kind to yourself the next time you're feeling low and know that nothing is permanent, this low phase wont stick around for long. Take a deep breath and know that you're not alone, we're all going through our ups and downs.

And as for the high times? We'll you can thank all the positive things you do for yourself for these, and the low times get a little credit too. Just with the lows, the highs wont be around forever, so submerge yourself in them and love them, look around and embrace just how beautiful they are.

Its all frequency.

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