Yoga is not the only road to Union

A surf instructor said to me "I don't do yoga, it's not for me". Well, in my opinion, he's doing yoga every time he jumps on his board, swims out and catches a wave. He has to be completely in the moment. To catch that perfect wave he cant be thinking about anything else. His mind focused on one thing, his body connected to the board feeling the power of the wave underneath him. His breathing is calm and when its the right time he paddles up to speed with the wave and as soon as he feels the wave taking his momentum he goes from Chaturanga Dandasana to somewhere in between a high lunge and warrior 2. Now hes gliding along the top on the water. His mind-body-board-wave are in complete harmony with each other, the perfect union.

For me nothing feels more like freedom than flying down a mountain on two planks, skiing provides me with union. Now Jiu Jitsu provides me with the same mind-body-soul connection and same goes with playing table-tennis, playing pool, surfing, climbing, the list goes on...

Yoga is not the only route to union. However, you don't need a wave or a mountain to practice yoga. Yoga is with you everywhere you go.

The word yoga means 'union' and with yoga you are unifying your mind, body and your soul by having focus, awareness, utilizing your breath and being completely present in the moment connected to your body.

Yoga shows and teaches you how to do this. Not only does it align and improve the health of your body it also gives you the skill of being more aware and present in the now. When you are present your mind and body are in coherence working together perfectly. Rather than thinking about the past or worrying about a future that may not even happen you are completely in the now, and when you are in the now you have a lot of energy in the now, energy to heal, grow and change.

Now, the real trick is to find union when your cooking, driving or doing anything you find yourself in in the present moment. That the real test, that's life. And, if you cant find union where you are, look to your breath.

Root Steady Yoga classes will give you the skill to find union, utilizing the breath and your movement and being present in what ever you are doing.

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