'Knowledge is the precursor to experience' - Dr Joe Dispenza  


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Root Steady believes in the power of education, knowledge and experience to enable positive change in our lives. 

Root Steady provides education through yoga classes and workshops giving the student quality information, tools and techniques that have been tried, tested and understood by science. Neuroscience is now allowing the western world to catch up with the yogic wisdom - that yoga, mindfulness, meditation and manifestation has the ability to change and improve every area of your life. 

Helping bridge the gap between science and spirituality. 


Our aim is to give the student the knowledge and the experience so that they can take their yoga outside of the class room and implement it into their daily life. 



Lewis Etheridge 

Lewis has been practicing yoga since the age of 19 and found it deeply beneficial to many areas of his life. Lewis has spent time in many areas of the world,  from studying Kung-fu and meditation with the monks of the Shaolin temple in china to the Amazon in South America,  learning about the different philosophies towards spirituality and health. His passion in Mixed Martial Arts, yoga and well-being  has deepened his interest in the Mind-Body link.  Lewis completed his Yoga Teacher Training in India in 2017 and has been teaching around the world since. This, combined with his background in electronic engineering, is helping him understand and bridge the gap between science and spirituality. He now shares this knowledge through workshops, private and group yoga classes.


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